A little helpful guide

A step-by-step guide to my sessions




Your session

When I arrive I'll do a quick scout of your home and together we can decide where's best to start. Natural light photography means making most of the light on the day, so depending on your home there may be better spots than others. 

I like to keep things organic & real. This means there is plenty of time to get comfortable, to sleep, cry and feed! As a mother myself I know it's really hard to predict the best time of day for your little one, so I like to work around you and baby and go with the flow a little to keep everyone happy and relaxed.

If you feel like you need a break, a reset or would like to feed privately, please do. You're always my only session of the day, so can be assured that I'll take the time needed to authentically document the story off you and your family.

My shoots don't tend to be prop based but if you have a selections of special things, like  blankets or soft toys, then feel free to have them at hand so we can include them during your session. 




What to wear

These are photographs you'll have for a lifetime so do take some time to consider what to wear. 

Again, my style of photography is more organic so I recommend wearing clothing that you're comfortable in and thats reflective of you.

There aren't many rules. Certainly don't feel like you all need to dress in matching white shirts & jeans! 

What does work: Soft colours, florals, light patterns.

What to avoid: Matching oufits. Bold stripes & very dark colours like black.

For newborns: we don't want to distract from their gorgeousness, so I recommend avoiding logo-ed clothing or bold patterns.

Whites, soft colours, light patterns all look lovely.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your outfits with me, just send me an email to pepitafernandez@icloud.com



What next?

Within two weeks of your session you'll receive a password protected digital gallery, with all your photographs high resolution ready for download. 

I'll also supply you with a folder of images at a lower resolution which you can use for social media purposes (facebook, instagram etc.)

I only keep your digital gallery for three months after your session. Therefore, I strongly recommend you download your photographs straight away to somewhere safe such as an external hard drive or similar.




If you have older children then it's lovely to get them in some shots too. Depending on the age gap, there are lots of lovely (and safe) ways we can capture them with their bother or sister.


Don’t be worried about tantrums or squirming away from shots. It’s best to just go with the flow & embrace it. Remember that your little ones quirks, cheeky personality or shy demeanour will shine through and make your session so uniquely you.