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As a mum myself, I know the challenges of having a newborn, therefore my sessions are completely tailored around you and your baby's schedule. There is plenty of time for feeds, changes and unsettled moments. 

We'll make sure most of your session is somewhere comfortable so you can snuggle up together; like your bed or sofa. If your baby already has a nursery set up, then it's a lovely idea to photograph in there too. 


If you have older children, then we'll take the time to get them in some shots too. Depending on the age gap there are lots of lovely (and safe) ways we can capture them together. 


One of my favourite places to photograph is on your bed. It's a soft, big space where we can comfortably fit all the family and it's a fun safe spot for the little ones.


White or pale coloured bed linen is best, as its a great natural reflector of light. Throws and cushions are a great way to spruce up a bed and add some texture.


In-home session guide


I'm so happy you've booked to have a session with me. Below is a little guide I've put together which includes some tips that may help answer questions you have. If theres anything you're still unsure of, please do send me an email or let me know if you'd prefer a call to run over things.  


When I arrive we'll find the best places to shoot based on light, but normally bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens are my go-to. Together we’ll spend the couple of hours just having fun and relaxing while I work my magic capturing memories for you. There’s nothing forced or posed, although I might direct you by asking you to hold a hand or suggest some little kisses. Otherwise, it’s natural shots documenting you and your family.​


You've picked an in-home session because you want your family to be captured in your special place, surrounded by all the things that are so meaningful to you. It's important to me that your photographs are authentic so I want your home to look lived in. I'm not asking you to spring clean, just a quick tidy will do! 

If you have any special spots in your home you'd like me to photograph then let me know, or if you've got some favourite weekend activities you love to do as a family; we can also factor these in. Perhaps it's making Sunday morning pancakes, dancing together to your favourite song or all cosying up on the sofa with your favourite story. 

Heart of Home


Don't underestimate the importance of clothing. You've invested in a session, so make sure you think this one through. After all, these photographs are going to outlive you and me, so do prepare before the day and go for some timeless pieces. 


Below I’ve included some information on what is best to avoid and what works. It’s relevant to both you as parents and your little ones, and it doesn't matter if your style casual or quirky, these tips should apply to everyone.


I never want a family to dress in something they feel uncomfortable in. My main focus is on capturing real connection and emotion with you. If your husband is a t-shirt guy, wear a t-shirt. If your daughter loves to wear overalls, let her. 


The one who's in front of the camera least is Mum, so I always say pick your outfit first, then build everyone else's around that look. If there is a special piece in your closet that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, choose that. If you're a jeans girl, that's okay too. Just think about a nice top, blouse or knitwear that jazzes it all up a bit. If you want to feel extra special and wear something new, go ahead but don’t feel like you have to. The main objective is that you feel comfortable.


You absolutely don’t have to match. In fact, I would encourage you not to. Earthy tones, neutral tones do seem to work well with my editing style, and textures like linen, lace, knits and corduroy always look so beautiful in photographs. If you are choosing between a structured dress, and a dress with lots of movement, go for movement.


We don't want to distract from their gorgeousness,

so I recommend avoiding logo-ed clothing or bold patterns. Whites, soft colours, light prints all look lovely.


Pregnancy is such a special time that really passes by quickly, so it's a lovely to capture those glowing days before baby arrives. Every pregnancy is different, some mamas-to-be feel confident with their growing belly, and others not. My advice is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You will have completed a questionnaire which will have asked if you wanting to show your bare bump (perhaps in a loose shirt or lingerie) or if your happy show your bump off while dressed.


Much of the advice in this guide will apply to you and bump, especially colours palettes and the helpful tips. Remember you don't need to wear something tight to show bump, flowing dresses and loose clothing work just as well. 

Theres plenty of time to change during our session, so if you'd like to try a few options we can. 

I'M HERE... 

If you're finding it hard to decide what's best to wear then I'm here to help. You can send me outfit ideas or ask as many questions as you need. Click here to get in touch.

What to wear

  • Light flowing materials create beautiful movement in shots and are flattering. Think long skirts, flowing dresses or tops.

  • Earthy or light colours work very well

  • Wools and knits create beautiful texture in photographs. It's also a great time to layer with different colours and items of clothing. 

  • Richer colours are really lovely this time of year; mustards, forest greens and reds.

  • Dressing everyone matchy-matchy (like jean & white shirts)

  • Large logos 

  • Neon 

  • Strong/bold stripes or spots; we all know they accentuate all the wrong areas.

  • Dark colours like blacks, dark greys and very dark blues

  • Tight or short clothing. We’ll be moving around a lot during our session, so keep comfortable and avoid anything restrictive.

Helpful tips

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